its a giant robot who is a sort of "brother" to Robo 47


In a secret lab xk-47 stood as he was once used as a weapon in battle being victorous every time but was not respected as he should have been the scientists used him for expirements witch made some of his metal to decae causing many holes in him so thay used him less and less useing a new droid witch had better weapons but only one scientist insistid on useing it for battle but one day the scientist passed and it was locked in the back of the base and one careless comander threw a full Scum Ultra behind him to the back and it fell inside a hole in his head it slowly activated his gears and wires also it some how healed the holes in his body and he went on a rampage destroying the whole base and then went to destroy the city.   


Being a robot he is slow but heavily armoured and hard to beat as he has lasers,missles and crab like claws.