Vernon "Vern" Robinson is the teenage boy and high school student who is mutated by a CRISPR genetic experiment by Energyne Corporations. In this version, he is a gigantic, super-strong, hulking humanoid gaining superhuman strength, durability, agility, speed and endurance as well as a regenerative healing factor.

Appearance Edit

In his normal form, Vern has the shaggy brown hair and fair skin and wearing a dark gray t-shirt, denim pants and black sneakers.

In his monstrous form, Vern is the mutated being with the super strength, speed, agility as well as healing factor. He still wears denim pants.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike his previous incarnation, he is a human instead of gremlin-like creature.
  • His mutation bares a distinct resemblance to that of a version of Wade Eiling from DC Comics with the similar personality and appearance of Hulk from Marvel Comics.