Stan is a mutant shrub


A Gardener was working hard one day tending to his employers shurbs at break time he went to a burger resturanunt and bought a burger,fries and a Scum Ultra  after he ate he went back to work he had`nt drank his scum ultraso he saved it until later in the day the houses owner came back after his car wreacked and he had to walk home exausted so the gardener gave him the drink then got back to work as the man went inside but felt odd then he noticed he had a extreme thirst and noticed his arms were turning brown then after getting a drink he felt pain in his side and then roots burst out of his side and his eyes turned red then his hair turned green and his teeth became sharp then still transforming his hair grrew over him then fully transformed he went out and ate the gardener in one bite then ran it the city and smashed building and ate poeple  along the way in rage. 


He can root into the ground to regain health and in rage mode he spins with all tentecles out doing massive damage.