This little booger is oozing with rage and he plans to pour it out onto the world.

Sherley battles by swatting buildings with his jelly arms. No weapon can harm him 

He easily picks up humans and food allowing easy eating.


Sherley is green,round in shape with no neck,infact his body is his head.His arms are at his head and ooze slime so does his feet.


Sherley cant get hurt by missles as they just sink in his body.

He trails slime causing other monsters to slip on occasions.

He has average stats.

His special is the Ooze Tsunami.


He was a man who loved anything that oozed, whenever he'd see a interesting substance he would be lured to it.This lead to problems as he would mess with chemicals in a lab or school.

He one day saw scumlab workers selling a fizzing green drink, sherley saw it and bought a pack he slurped one can dry, feeling satisfied before his body morphed and oozed uncontrollably.he fell on his hands and knees helpless as his body melted into a lime jello like substance. He arose horrorified he felt inner rage seconds after and decimated everything around him.