He is a giant hawk.


Be was a fan of birds and was an avid bird watcher but one day after getting attacked by a hawk after getting a little to close to its nest he fell from a tree and had to go to the hospitaland when a nurse wnt to get him a drink she came back with a Scum Ultra he drank some and later while being driven back home in the ambulance he felt odd and noticed he has gaining feathers and his legs were growing into bird like legs and his toe nails were morphing into claws he paniced witch made the transformation worse and his arms grew into wings and his mouth harded and and became a beakand while almost fully transforming he bashed the wall with his wingand bashed the wall and estroyed it and flew out but the driver ran out but the now fully transformed Sergi grabbed him and tossed him up and in one swoop ate him and went and destroyed a few blocks in rage.


He can fly for a short amount of time and with his claws he can pick up cars easily as he flies and with his beak he can peck buildings.