she  is a  giant  sheep

backstory                                                           Edit

Once a simple farmhand Samanta worked alot on the farm one day she was tending to the animals after moving the sheep to another pin she went to the nerist store she was going about her daly plans she saw a new product Scum Ultra big words printed across a green can she thought this looked faimiler but continued on to check out once she was outside she opened the can and took a sip it tasted fantastic she quickly drunk the rest but seconds later she started choughing and choking she dropped down to her knees then she started to grow ears on her head her hands her feet became hoves then she started to grow claws on her hands she started to grow bigger and bigger until she was bigger than the store she roared and kicked the store till it fell to the ground she continued to the nerest city wanting nothing but destruction.

powers Edit

Being a farmhand she is stronger than other monsters which makes it eassier for smasing buildings but being a sheep she is very weak to fire.