The story begins just outside the ruins of Manhattan. The Wrecking Crew has destroyed the entire world, leaving civilization in shambles. As the monsters exit Manhattan, they come across the Mouth of Hell. Intrigued, the monsters enter it, and find themselves navigating a cave that leads to the depths of Hell. Once they arrive, they find a sign that reads "Abandon All Your Hope Ye Who Enters Here". George punches the sign, and all the monsters continue onward. They find a long line at the gates of Hell and devour the people in it until they reach the gates. They crash through and begin a rampage through the realm, destroying everything in sight. After destroying many lands in the underworld, they find themselves confronted by enemies they defeated in the past. The monsters easily defeat the enemies again and continue onward. After destroying more lands in Hell, they find themselves outside the palace of Satan himself and crash through the front door. Inside, Satan introduces himself, and is impressed the monsters made it this far. He then turns their size and engages them in combat. He nearly has them defeated when George, Lizzie, and Ralph pounce him and tear him to shreds, literally. The monsters then find themselves in Heaven, then destroy it and conquer God himself. Afterward, they find themselves back in the field where they found the Mouth of Hell. The story ends with them walking off into the sunset.