Rampage (2013 Film)Edit

Rampage Is a Upcoming Animated Adventure, Comedy Film 'Based Off From a Video Game'.


The Story Begins With George Lizzie And Ralph And Their Doctor Nancy Who's Going To Taste-Testing With Three Cans Of Scum Soda For George Lizzie And Ralph. In The Year 2013 The Future With Concept Vehicles, Humanoid Robots, And Fast Food Buildings. The Main Protagonist Team By The Name Of 'The Wrecking Crew' The City Is Safe. Meanwhile The Alien Invasion Is Begin.


The Protagonist - The Wrecking Crew

George - Jim Carrey - The Human Boy Who Wants To Be a Giant Gorilla Superhero.

Lizzie - Nicki Minaj - The Human Girl Who Wants To Be a Giant Japanese Godzilla.

Ralph - Frank Welker - The Human Man Who Wants To Be a Giant Blue Wolf.

Curtis - Phillip Glasser

Boris - Tony Sampson

Joe, Icky - Samuel Vincent

Rojo - TBA

Jack - TBA

Dr. Nancy - TBA

Ramsey - TBA

V.E.R.N. - TBA - The Master Cook Who Likes To Be a Koala Like Gargoyle Chief With a Loincloth.

Carl - TBA

Nick - TBA

Amanda - TBA