rampage: anaconday AKA anaconday is a 2019 upcoming film. it stars owen wilson as 19 year old billy who struggles to keep his pet green anaconda, anaconday who has mutated, from killing and from her getting herself into danger.

plot Edit

in new york a 19 year old college student, billy (owen wilson) is carrying his pet green anaconda, anaconday, who weighs 300 lbs and measured 33. he hid her under his sheet in his bed before his friend, ben (sam stinson) could see her. the two talked. until she grew bigger under the sheets and slithered out of it. she strangled ben and devoured him before bursting out the window. billy ran out of the dormitory and gave chase in his car. later he finds bens half digested corpse and finds a cocooned soldier, learning from the corpse that the SWAT team are going after anaconday, he gets in his car and looks for anaconday. later a giant spider attacks the car, he runs out of it and is cornered by the giant spider, but before it could kill him anaconday strikes and slaughters the ferocious arachnid. the two embrace but are interrupted by the SWAT team, who shoot at anaconday, who flees into the forest. the SWAT team make billy join them in finding and killing anaconday, which he refuses to kill her, but is held by gunpoint by the leader, daryl (kurt russel) who explains that three other mutated creatures are invading too. a giant spider (deceased), a giant centipede, and a giant vulture. billy sneaks out later to try to find anaconday. only to be attacked by the giant vulture that carries him away. it drops him into its nest where two babies try to eat him. anaconday suddenly appears, killing the babies and strangling the vulture. suddenly gunshots are heard. anaconday flees. daryl, enraged at billy for sneaking away, ties him up and leaves him as bait for the remaining creatures, anaconday and the giant centipede. billy is attacked by the giant centipede, which injures him. the SWAT team shoot it, only for it to start slaughtering some of the members. anaconday joins in, devouring lots of the SWAT members without strangling them. the two creatures fight as daryl unties billy and drags him away. daryl gets ready to kill billy but is coiled by anaconday, who brutally strangles him and devours him. billy and anaconday make it to town, where they find that the centipede is causing mayhem. anaconday fights the centipede, crawling on dozens of houses, bridges, and then to the city. billy gave chase as they kept fighting. anaconday finishes it off by snapping its body backwards. anaconday and billy leave the city as the centipedes body is carried away by two choppers.

Cast Edit

Owen wilson - billy huntson

Frank Welker - creatures

Kurt Russel - Daryl MchPherson

rick yune - cocooned corpse

Sam stinson - Ben