Rampage: UnleashedEdit

Rating: E (Everyone) Mild Cartoon Humor Violence

Developer: Midway Games

Publisher: Warner Bros. Games

Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 2018/2019 (WW)

Genre: Action, Adventure

Producer: Ishmael Williams (ArtistMael) @ Instagram

Returning CharactersEdit

The Protagonist

George - The Gorilla (Voiced By: Ishmael Williams)

Ralph - The Wolf (Voiced By: Jerome Williams)

Lizzie - The Iguana and Tyrannosaurs Rex (Voiced By: Rosebud Williams)

V.E.R.N - The Koala-like Monster

Joe - The Wildman 

Wally - The Warthog

Curtis - The Mouse 

Boris - The Heavy Weight Rhino Who Won The Planet Fitness Contest.

Ruby - The Friendly Lobster Who Likes Curtis And Ralph.

Amanda - The Queen of Texas

Felix - The Gargoyle-like Dragon (*)

Banjo - The Brown Bear (*)

Myukus - The Cyclops

Jack - The Jackalope

Philbert - The Ungulate

Ramsey - The Ram

Issac - The Dragon (*)

Fictional Characters Introduced in Rampage Unleashed. (*)

New Characters (First Appearance)Edit

Python - The King Cobra (*)

Vulcan - The Coyote (*)

Kodiak - The Wolverine (*)

Teddy - The Polar Bear (*)

Confirmed LevelsEdit

Cincinnati, Ohio

San Francisco - The homage of the San Francisco Rush series.

Las Vegas

Florida - Crock (New)

New York - George

Tokyo, Japan - Lizzie

London - Ralph

Texas - Amanda, Jack



Downloadable ContentEdit

In October 9, 2017, the Lost Levels Pack will feature five unreleased levels from the original rampage like the Warehouse, Alaska, Arizona, the Mojave Desert and Yosemite.

In Addition, The Nintendo Switch version will feature some new additional content for the game and the new gameplay mode is Survival Mode and Battle Mode.

The Day 1 Edition Package will feature three exclusive characters in the GameStop picture, and the first DLC character is Plucky the Chicken, the second DLC character is Gilman the Blowfish, and the third DLC character is Edwin the Invader. They were Free DLC characters in the Pre-Order Code and they were present in Rampage Total Destruction and they were playable in Rampage Unleashed.