Giant Dodo
Rampage Art Comission - Rachel the Dodo
Species Human / Dodo Bird
Height 30 feet
Weight 10 tons
Allies George the Ape, Kigston the Cobra, Nick the Demon, Crock the Crocodile, Ben the Bear, Clucky the Chicken, Shelby the Tortoise

Rachel the Dodo is a Rampage: Total Destruction fan monster. Mechanic-Orga drew her, and Titanollante colored her in.


Her name, Rachel, is based off the scientific name for a dodo bird; raphus.


Rachel was a museum tour guide. Long after closing hours of the museum, Rachel was cleaning up her work area to leave and she saw some men were installing a scum soda machine. She got the first soda, and sure enough, she mutated into a giant dodo bird.


Rachel looks like a dodo bird, but instead of having stubby wings and a fat and short body, she's slender and has arms covered with feathers. Her beak ranges from yellow to red, most of her feather color is a slight blue-ish silver, but her head, arm, and tail feathers are yellow with slight red.


Rachel is a vegetarian, so she hates all meats. She also hates water, electricity, and toxins.


Rachel is very fast, but she can't jump very high. She also is pretty strong, and can slowly descend to the ground if falling.