This is a list of questions that may be frequently asked. Answers also follow up the questions and should answer all your queries. If there are questions you wish to ask that are not listed here, contact one of our administrators and they shall answer them for you.

Q) What are the basics for any article?

A) Always use excellent grammar and punctuation. It is necessary for people cannot read game descriptions, monster bios or fan fictions if you cannot type properly. However, moderation of certain articles may be regimented. Try to include an image if possible, for a picture speaks a thousand words and gives people a visual upon whatever is being talked about. Also add categories to your articles, such as 'Monsters', 'Games', 'Fan Fiction', '[original creator's name]' and so on.

Q) Aw c'mon, somebody has already made this kind of game/ type of monster/ genre of fan fiction/other thing before me! What can I do?

A) Remember, the game, monster or fan fiction are unofficial so there is nothing stopping you from creating your version of a game or monster or story. For example, if somebody has already made a Panda monster, make your own. Simple!