She is a giant puffer fish.


She was once a fasion model but was a mega diva who would get angry at even just misinterpreting a little word and finally one of her fellow models get her a Scum Ultra and she drank it before she went on stage to show the new fall fasion and the soda had no effect for some time and the model that gave it to her was dissappointed until when she went back to show another new fasion she began to grow spikes and her skin was turning green but it was not until she began to bloat that she noticed somthing was wrong and then giant spike popped out of her and she became fully transformed and them relizeing it was the other model that made her what she is she rolled to her and impaled her on a spike and then rolled out of the studio and caused chaos.  


Her movement is diffrent from other monsters as she can only roll but it is useful for smashing buildings and crushing cars and in rampage mode she will shoot all her spikes and they will grow back after a while and the spikes that come off will fly away after smashing into buildings.