Jake is a giant snail


He was a handsome millonare with no concern for anyone but himself witch got him a lot of enemies one of them being Mr Z who knew what whould happen if he drunk a Scum Ultra so one day Mr Z snuck in and poured one into his cock tail and even though his cocktail was glowing he drunk it and felt odd but he ignored it until his limbs started to get slimy and turn green then he felt a massive weight on his back then he looked and saw a snail shell growing on his back then his eyes started to pop out on stalks and the floor started to sizzle as he grew and he fell into a out the nerist window as he grew and grew he roared as he completly turned into a giant mutated snail then realized that he was walking really really slow but he went and and destroyed a whole city block before stopping. 


His slime is acidic and he can spew it from his mouth to melt bulidings he is slow but very,very,very powerfull.