Gladious: the Cyclops martian where heard for universal conkering by the aliens and they where never use after three have escape ( Myukus,Big Al, and Noobus) they had to let one to be the alpha and that is Gladiose. he is wering the Golden Armor (looks like a roman armor) and was trained for total distruction, having is spike hammer for capturing bigger martiens and knocking them out. it was considerd to be tradition to cut off the tails and spikes/humps of there backs so they could wear the armor, and after he lost the trio of martiens he was dowgrade from his rank to soldire and the new alpha is Romanus, the aliens could not mount the angerd beast and is now rivals with his old friend he now has a new mission, Capture all Speacimen of life form

Friends: the alien Army, Romanus, Warrius, other Martien that is mounted (like the gargantuar from PVZ) or that are Soldiers, Scars (after the insident of Gilla monster)

Enemies: Myukus And his Brothers, Alex the Gilla Monster, ScumLabs/Scum Inc.

he is one of the strogest monsters/aliens from his speacies the first is Big Al next is the Unkown Martien that was capture