Eian one day went to McDonald's and noticed 1 new drink on sale, so he went with his burger and fries and consumed the fast food feeling content he started having bad gas problems before mutating into his lemur form starting a rampage (not before jacking a few burgers).          


Eian was a normal teen who mutated into a ring tail lemur.

Black and white fur.


Eian usually is a calm dude who hangs with his friends.

Eian has a temper when anything he has is gone or just plain raging.

He is a quick thinker that usually gets him out of a real pickle.

He is very mischievous and loves messing with his friends(Mostly Alex).

Loves eating breakfast.


Armando the laser-shooting mech

Ethan the black cat

Alex the grey wolf

Landon the emperer tamarin

Jack the sparrow

Julian the obese beluga whale

Drake the dragon

Jose the Jewish camel.