Billy Hannon Huntson is the main protagonist of the 2019 film, rampage: anaconday. he is played by owen wilson.

Appearance Edit

billy is a 19 year old college student with shaggy blonde hair, and wears a blue overshirt and grey shirt along with dark jeans and white shoes.

Early Life Edit

billy was born in 1999, june 27, he lived with his abusive father, rick olson, and loving mother, laura huntson. when he turned 5 his older brother, brock, was killed in a car crash which devastated laura, but not rick. when he turned 11 he bought a baby green anaconda for a pet, naming her anaconday, freaking rick and laura out, and having to keep her in his bedroom. he went to college in 2018. in 2019 hell broke loose, anaconday mutated.

First Sighting Edit

Billy is first seen with anaconday, carrying her into his dorm, his friend, Ben Henderson, almost saw her, only for her to mutate and strangle ben and eat him. and then she bursted out the window. billy gave chase.

Quotes Edit

"Holy Shit!" billy witnessing ben getting killed

"OH FUCK!" billy when the giant spider attacks.

"Shes just pissed off! Shooting her will only make it worse!!" billy to Daryl

"Ana..." billy and anaconday embracing each other as they leave the city

oly shit!"