Back story Edit

A beta mecha in the works, a man who was working on the machine spilled some scum soda on the machine the worker who was working on said machine soon heard a rumble in the machine soon wires consticted him and tapped into his brain/nrvouse system soon overloading his brain with mechanical thoughts,reading these thoughts enraged him of how bots were merley slaves and now rampages trying to free not only mechs but mutants too.


Armando is a red and white buff mech with,a green visor to shoot lasers,jet packs on his back to allow short distance flights.

SPECIAL:Robot Rage Assult.


Eian the lemur

Ethan the black cat

Alex the Grey wolf 

Landon the emperer monkey

XK-47 the mecha

Eyegore the alien

Jose the jewish camel